Monday, February 11, 2013

Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop Philadelphia

Well it's all set!  I'm attending the Tumbleweed workshop in Philadelphia in May.  The ticket, flight & room are all reserved and paid for!  

At first I was going to go to the Relaxshacks Workshop in April but when Tumbleweed added the Philly workshop I knew which one to go to.  I grew up in Philadelphia and know my way around so it's the perfect place if I have to travel to a workshop.

I can't wait to go, it's a big step on the road to building my tiny house after I've been doing all of the research and planning!!  


  1. You'll miss the hands on in NC, but Philly is also a great town! Not sure who the host is for that one, but you should have fun. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Deek! I would have come to your workshop, but I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out the details like where to stay, how to get to and from, etc. Not driving is a bit of a roadblock sometimes! I know my way around Philly & will get to visit a little while I'm there. Plus there's great transportation there, so it's a no brainer to get around without driving.
      You may still see me at one of your workshops!!