Saturday, September 1, 2012

Expanding outdoor living space with a screen house

When I was a kid we had a summer place in the suburbs of Philly where we spent our summers.  I talk about it in more detail in my "Why I want to live tiny" post.
We had a screen house & I went searching on the web to see if they're still being sold.  Well I found them & this one's my favorite by far.
It's called the Casita Screen House & looks exactly like the one we had, but a bit smaller.  It would be ideal for an outdoor living/dining area to use here in south Florida for the 6 or so months out of the year when we don't have heat indexes topping off at over 100 degrees.

I can picture my patio set & a picnic table or outdoor dining set right alongside my tiny house!!  Plus they're pretty reasonable at less than $600 at BJ's!  You can find them here.

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