Monday, September 10, 2012

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's XS House

I do a lot of searches for photos & videos of all different kinds of tiny houses.  I've changed my mind a few times about which plans I'll use, but luckily I'm just in my planning stages & still have plenty of time to settle on which one I really want.
I know in one of my earlier posts I stated that I'd settled on the Tumbleweed Lusby model, but as I look around I'm really starting to warm up to the XS House!  Partly because it's much smaller & more affordable to build but also because of how cozy it looks.  Jay Shafer built one for himself & instead of a traditional ladder he used a tall step stool to get into the sleeping loft.  I really love the idea of sleeping in a loft, it's just sooo comforting...  It's almost like your bedroom is hugging you to sleep.
Here's a photo I found with the floor plans & a photo of the outside:
Another plus is the fact that it's so small I'd be forced to downsize even more than if I had a Lusby.  I really want to simplify & was thinking about the fact that I probably won't be cooking & baking like I do now because it'll just be me.  I'm starting to like the idea of eating more simply, like having more soup & sandwich type meals.  That means just having a kitchenette would be more practical & you can find all sorts of appliances that run directly off of 12 volt DC current instead of having to have a power inverter.  I'd just have cigarette lighter type outlets instead of regular outlets.  That way the solar powered option would be more efficiently utilized.  
PS, it also means even less to have to clean, LOL!

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