Saturday, August 4, 2012

Design & amenities I'd like to have

I've narrowed down my choices in the design of my tiny house to 4 sets of plans; 
Tumbleweed Tiny House's Epu which is 89 sq. ft.,
Tiny House Design's 8' x 12' which is just the framing & I'll design the inside, Tiny Home Builders' Tiny Living  & Humble Homes' JS Bell Porch designs.  Just click on the design names for a link to take you to the web page they're on.

I definitely want to use solar power & propane for my electricity, heating & cooking options; a wet bath similar to the ones in boats to save space; a composting toilet & greywater filtering system for sewage;  an on demand water heater; a real propane rv stove/oven; a roof mounted rv air conditioner; a ceiling fan & exhaust fan.  I want to use recycled denim for insulation & have a metal roof.

I'd like to use as many recycled & re-purposed materials & parts as possible.  I got several ideas from other tiny house builders.  One is buying an old rv that doesn't run but still has working appliances & electrical parts & taking them out to install into the tiny house because they run on 2 way or 3 way power.  2 way is 12 volt & 110 volt & 3 way is 12 volt, 110 volt & propane (for the refrigerator).  Solar power runs on deep cycle 12 volt batteries so that's less to run through an inverter that would convert 12 volt to standard 110.

I have more ideas coming so come on back & see my progress!


  1. builditsolar.com has lots of great ideas on all types of solar uses. If you want passive solar, none of the designs you posted links to are optimal. Doug



    1. Thanks so much for the links Doug! I really appreciate your input because you've actually used the technology in a practical application for 30 years! That's awesome!!

      I'm living in South Florida & really want to stay here & purchase my land here so I'm not really worried about heating at the moment. We only have a few weeks a year when we have to worry about heating our homes. Right now I'm looking into ways of cooling my home & keeping the humidity down without using an air conditioner.