Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tiny living for two?

My youngest daughter just started the 10th grade today.  She's really bright & a very talented artist.  I'm wondering what secondary education & the job market will look like in 2 or 3 years when she graduates.  She may have to stay with me for a few years instead of going away to college.

I've thought about how I'll handle the housing situation.  Should I put my plans on hold?  Should I wait to live my tiny, more sustainable lifestyle?  NO!  I'm not going to wait!  

I've already discussed it with my daughter & told her I'll make room for her to stay with me but if she wants to keep a lot of stuff she has to rent a storage unit for herself or we'll discuss building a shed for storage for her.  

For this reason & a few others I've chosen the Lusby Tumbleweed Tiny House design for my final choice.  It's a practical design because as I get older I'm not going to want to climb a ladder to get into bed & my daughter & future grandchildren could use the sleeping loft & I could use the tiny bedroom that's on the main floor.

The Lusby also has a decent sized kitchen area, which I'll be using a lot!

I'm also going to encourage my daughter to build her own tiny house so she'll always have a roof over her head & a place to call her own!

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