Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why I want to live tiny...

I'm almost 47 & have 2 daughters ages 15 & 24.  When my youngest turns 18 I will have been taking care of my girls for a length of nearly 28 years, mostly  by myself.  I'm a self  employed house cleaner.  I don't own a car now nor have I owned one for the majority of my adult life because I've mostly lived in cities with good public transit systems & ride a bicycle.  I moved here to Martin County, FL from Philadelphia, PA 5 years ago with my 15 year old.  
My 24 year old still lives in Philly with her husband of 4 years.

We've lived in several efficiency apartments as a family & I didn't mind so much because I've always felt that small spaces were very comfortable.  Maybe that's because I grew up in a tiny 2 bedroom rowhome in North Philly with my whole family.  Me, my parents, 2 older brothers, younger sister, grandmom & even a foster brother(kind of).  

We spent vacations in the summer at a 14 acre property in Montgomery County, PA on the Perkiomen Creek called Bluebell Acres that was owned by friends of our family.  We lived in 2 modified truck bodies, used an outhouse, had no running water & no electricity for a couple of years until we got power service.  We had no telephone there so we had to go out to a payphone if we had to make a call.  I adored "The Perk", as it came to be called, & have missed it since we stopped going when I was 18 or so.  Living simply was one of the greatest gifts my parents gave us.  Taking us out of the city like that made me a country girl at heart & I've been trying to get back to it ever since...
I believe that dream will be within reach when I build my Tiny House!!

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