Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tiny house first ideas

I'm in the beginning stages of planning my tiny house & am surprised by the many options I have for every aspect of the design & materials.  It's a lot of fun deciding which type of tiny house I'll build.  

The amount of information & resources online is fabulous!  It's great to be able to look for my land, plans, trailer, appliances, materials, etc. sitting in the comforts of my living room.

I was pleased to see the there's an actual option for stairs to a loft area instead of a ladder.  I'm thinking that it would be a better option for me because I'm planning on living the rest of my life in my tiny home & don't think I'm going to want to, or be able to, climb a ladder to get into bed.  Then again there's always the option to have a daybed setup in the main living space for guest sleeping space & then switching it to the loft as I get creakier...

Lots of windows/skylights are a must for me!  I'm thinking about those windows that have the blinds or shades built into them.  I'll have to figure out if they'd be cost effective but that will depend a lot on where I purchase my land lot(s).  

We have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore where I live so I'll be using them as a resource for materials, fixtures, hardware & possibly appliances.  Our area has a lot of new construction going on & there are still lots of people who are remodeling so I'm sure I can do well finding lots of cheap materials there & in other places.

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